Importing organic (super)fruits from Brazil

Organic fruits from Brazil

Brazil has a rich biodiversity which can be perceived in the huge variety of fruits that Brazil offers. Brazil is world's third largest fruit exporter and many fruits are unique to Brazil. Almazonia sources the finest-quality fruits from Brazil from our trusted network of local farmers and producers. All our partners are organic certified. Almazonia is a one-stop solution for all imports of (super)fruits from Brazil like açaí, acerola, cupuaçu, passion fruit, mango and pineapple.

Importing fruits brazil

By teaming up with local fruit growers, we deliver to your business the highest quality locally grown fruits against fair prices and thereby supporting local communities. All our fruit suppliers are organic certified. This results in our organic fruits having their traceability systems tested in a robust and reliable way, from their origin with producers as well as their onward supply chain partners.

We're passionate about bringing the best fruits from local Brazilian fruit growers to the rest of the world.

Grow local, source local, produce local. Ship global.

Superfruits from the Amazon

Bursting with flavor and nutrients, the demand for superfruits only increases. Each of these amazing fruits is rich in different vitamins, anti-oxidants, oleic and fatty acids. We are dedicated in sourcing the best superfoods directly from the Amazon rainforest to your facility. We offer our customers uninterrupted supply year-round against competitive prices and excellent customer service.