acai factory

Açaí Factory

Açaí factory The açaí factory Our açaí does not come from plantations but is harvested from the wild by ribeirinhos. These are indigenous people living on the riverbanks of the Amazon region. Before açaí berries turn up in your açaí bowl, the berry has to undergo several phases at the açaí factory. Each açaí factory follows

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importing acai

Importing açaí – wild & organic

Our açaí – wild & organic Importing açaí from Almazonia Almazonia is the combination of the Portuguese words “Alma” (Soul) and “Amazônia” (Amazon). And it is all about that. Realizing that we are deeply connected with everything and everyone around us. The company is located in Abaetetuba, in the state of Pará. Almazonia buys açaí

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