Welome to Almazonia - true passion for uniqueness


At Almazonia we are social entrepreneurs who went in search to sustainable success. We found it in luscious, lively jungle and swampy, equatorial floodplains; we found it in the hands of the native populations. Following the lead of those living at one with nature, we are learning and working to create a culture that respects the planet and people, as much as the profit. 

Connect. Cooperate. Co-create.

Almazonia is 100% committed to the creation of a no harm economy, the eradication of deforestation, and evolution of mindset. By thinking small and dreaming big, we are redefining the supply chain to protect and preserve the biodiverse beauty of the world’s largest tropical rainforest.

Playing matchmaker to growers, cooperatives and brands, we’re imagining a world where success doesn’t come at a sacrifice. Seeking naturally abundant regions and people to help us realise our mission, we are preparing, selling and distributing wonderful, wild cocoa, aromatic tonka, and anti-oxidant açaí.

True passion for uniqueness

With the rainforest and its families at the heart of everything we do, we deliver produce of the highest quality. Nurturing a rainforest economy is not only scalable; it presents new potential and possibility. Our micro approach to mass means we can offer rarity, authenticity, unique species with wonderful provenance, and delicious diversity to feed your creativity.

Connoisseur, artisan, chocolate savvy or super food snob, Almazonia can take taste buds on a wild journey through the jungle… without the environmental guilt trip.

Nurturing a rainforest economy is not only scalable; it presents new potential and possibility