Transparency and traceability

Our suppliers live in the midst of the great Amazonia. Each day they walk jungle paths and paddle along rivers. They grew up gathering, selecting and carefully managing the riches of the forest, a traditional trade that is nowadays usually called extractivism. They possess the wisdom of those who observe, respect and are incorporated into the cycles of nature.

Our products superb quality is generated by those strong, wise hands.

At Almazonia we are meticulous about awareness when consuming raw materials. We are committed to investing in the complete transparency and traceability of the chain of production. As a provider of ingredients for the pharmaceutical, personal care, food & nutrition industries we focus on responsible partnerships. We believe that by shedding light on the relations of production we can persuade people to take better care of our planet, thereby truly recognizing it as our home.

From this standpoint we invite all those who seek a different manner of linking production, purchase and sales. An invitation to transform consumer relationships into caring relationships. 

Almazonia: developing a standing up forest economy