Masters of flavour

Following the lead of the native communities Almazonia acts as matchmaker to growers and buyers.

Our business model benefit the growers. Using technology, human expertise and state of the art equipment, we ensure the right conditions are installed to create fine quality as we diversify and grow income streams with premium pay.

Likewise it benefits the buyers in need of wild Amazonia produce that do good for people and planet, rich in story. Our micro approach to mass means we can offer rarity, authenticity, unique species with wonderful provenance, and delicious diversity to feed your creativity.

Being in control of the full transformation process of flavour, enables Almazonia to offer the world: 

  • Sustainable solutions that do good for people and planet
  • Scaleable wild produce grown by engaged native communities
  • Consistency of flavour of the unique Almazonia species
  • Traceable solutions to ensure our wild produce is traced back to the protectors of the rainforest. 


Masters of flavour, expert partner to deliver premium quality as we connect growers with buyers