Almazonia is purchasing deforested areas in the Amazon region

In 2019 we started to combat deforestation in the Amazon rainforest by investing part of its profits in buying up deforested areas of the Amazon rainforest with the aim of installing an agroforestry system.

Almazonia bought its first 18 Ha of land in Abaetetuba in 2020 where we started replanting a wide range of native trees and plants since May 2020, such as acerola, açaí, camu-camu, cupuaçu, graviola (soursop), pitaya and passion fruit. Our first 18 Ha will function as a test model to install an agroforestry system. We aim to proof that such a system will bring profitable and sustainable growth both for local communities, the environment, bio-diversity and Almazonia. And as such a better alternative instead of using land for grazing cattle or growing mono-crops.

Almazonia agroforestry