Our guiding principles

Almazonia is the combination of the Portuguese words “Alma” (Soul) and “Amazônia” (Amazon). And it really is all about that. It’s about realizing that we are deeply connected with everything and everyone around us. It’s about reaffirming, every day, our choice to walk on a path where we put our soul in everything we do.

In a transition economy, income is moved out of the center stage and can’t be generated at all cost. Harming the environment, having poor labor conditions and offering a product that is not good for the consumer is not acceptable in this scenario. 

In line with this green industrial revolution, we found the five cornerstones that serve as base for our choices:

  • Buying directly from the producer

Getting to know the suppliers that provide our products allows us to select those who are committed towards the level of socio-environmental responsibility we defend.

  • Cherishing family and community production

We strongly believe that, granted a decent livelihood, the people who live in the Amazon area have the strongest potential to invest in the conservation of the forest biodiversity.

  • Responsible forest management

We created trade deals that are committed to the environmental, economic and social values of keeping the forest alive.

  • Fair and transparent commercial chain

Almazonia states its respect towards work by balancing the profit margins of all the agents involved in the production chain. It is our belief that all stages are important.

  • Awareness of all the chain’s links

We work towards making information accessible. We want to encourage people to reclaim the act of consuming in a more complex way, being aware of themselves as an integral and active part of a chain of relationships.

Our journey is guided by these principles. We’re open to discuss proposals regarding the sustainable development of the standing up forest and would love to hear your input and ideas.