Our mission

The source of goodness.

In the swampy, Amazonian floodplains, at the top of slender palms, grow tiny purple berries that pack such an antioxidant punch – they are worth the climb.

An elixir of health and beauty, and a staple in the South American diet, acai berries are delicious and delicate, but not readily available beyond the borders. Working at the source, with people both expert and instinctive, Almazonia is reinventing the berry game to bring the purest acaí pulps to the masses.

Pure and personal

With sustainability topping our priority list, we’ve put our harvests in the safe hands of the people who have farmed the land for generations. By keeping trade agreements transparent, promising fair pay, and giving the middleman the boot, we have created a collaborative work culture that’s kinder. We are working small and thinking big, to give our organic super fruits the personal touch, and global potential.

Taste you can trace

When it comes to premium, it’s all about provenance, flavour, and eliminating compromise. The result. Versatile, exciting acaí products to delight new markets, and indulge existing ones. The Amazon lives in the DNA of everything we make, from treetop to taste bud, and we guarantee you can taste the difference.

The recipe for success

Lush and humid, the Amazon has sustained native populations with the wild and the wonderful for years. Its preservation is central to how local communities live, so it’s fundamental to how we operate. If we can sustain the forests and empower the expertise, we can protect the flavour. The ideal scenario being 0% deforestation, 100% accountability, and fabulous fruit pulp second to none.

We’re committed to keeping bio-diverse Brazil, beautiful — and inspiring creativity in the kitchen. And we plan on doing it (properly) for a very long time.