Handicraft from Amazonia

The magic of handicrafts from Amazonia

While the northern hemisphere tells us tales of its elves, fairies and gnomes, in eastern Amazonia we have our own legendary creatures. Our imaginary native species include the Iara, the Mapinguari and the Giant Snake. The Curupira is one of those mythical rainforest dwellers. He is celebrated as one of the earliest protectors of the jungle. His appearance is that of a youth with a dusky complexion, whose hair consists of flames and whose feet point backward in order to baffle hunters and mislead intruders onto his domains. He tangles the jungle trails and leads travelers astray, so that they are bewitched and can never go home again. Few people know the secret remedy to counteract the Curupira‘s magic spells: handicrafts.

Dazzled by the beauty of these charming artifacts made by hand from leaves, branches and seeds, the Curupira’s attention is momentarily distracted and… Whammo! The captives of the great green labyrinth are suddenly released.

Craftsmen endow their merchandise with those powers: those of confusing, bewitching and releasing their beholders. All our handicrafts are made from unique raw materials obtained without felling a single tree. Natural fibers extracted from leaves, foliage, seeds, tree sap, roots, natural pigments and countless tales inextricably woven into each item. It is a small fragment of the Amazon peoples and of their perspective on the world that surrounds them. An invitation to find, to touch with one’s own hands, to appropriate the crucial importance of caring for this precious universe that is there, that is theirs and yours and ours. So that it can finally belong to everyone.

Handicraft from Amazonia made by local communities