Bio jewelry

‘Bio’ is the Latin word for “life”. ‘Jewel’ refers to a precious, superbly crafted object. Bio jewelry is an ornament that involves elements which are easily accessible in the natural world, such as dry kernels, alongside socio-environmental values and design. All of this impels our indigenous background, whose principles strive for using nature’s elements in a more concerted and harmonic way.

The preciousness of biojewelry pieces shines through the respect paid to the seeds collector that risks itself in the forest, the carefully dried kernels, the value brought by the artisan and its creative work, and also in demonstrating a sustainable development path that strives to keep the forest living.

Wearing biojewelry is an action of alignment with the planet amidst the intense debate about the conservation of our environment, living with dignity and the possibilities for the future that are being planted today.