How good for your health is the Açaí Berry?

 Almazonia      May-14-18       Acai

The Açaí Berry from the Amazon has become famous and appreciated all over the world for its unique taste and nutritious qualities. Especially among sports loving people and athletes. But really, how good is the Açaí Berry for your health and what are the exact health benefits?

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A passage to the Indians – The Cumaru seed

 Almazonia      Mar-24-18       Cumaru

Tonka Beans (cumaru) – spices from the Amazon Today we write about some of the spices that make up the rich and sometimes still unknown contribution from the Indians of the South American Amazon to the epic story of flavor, aroma, and medicine. One of these spices is the Cumaru seed, tonka beans or Fava … Continue reading “A passage to the Indians – The Cumaru seed”

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Açaí – the soul of the Amazon

 Almazonia      Feb-22-18       Acai

The history of açaí Shrouded in mystery, the cradle of countless popular indigenous legends, home to many endemic plant and animal species, many of which still unknown to science, the Amazon is today one of the few remaining large wild areas on our planet. It’s survival, nevertheless, is far from a sure thing. Still the … Continue reading “Açaí – the soul of the Amazon”

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Importing açaí from Brazil

 Almazonia      Sep-29-16       AcaiFront Page ProductsLeading Page
exporting acai

We source our organic certified açaí directly from local communities in the Amazon without any middlemen & brokers. Importing açaí (organic) and other super fruits from Brazil against very competitive rates whereby we guarantee uninterrupted supply year-round and excellent customer service.

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Açaí factory

 Almazonia      Aug-05-17       AcaiFront Page Products
acai factory

Each açaí factory follows roughly the same processes for turning the açaí berries into frozen açaí pulp. The end result, however, in both taste profile and quality can be very different. The açaí berry is very sensitive and requires rigorous quality control and management by each açaí factory.

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Açaí: an antioxidant-rich superfruit from the Amazon

 Almazonia      Jul-28-17       Acai

What are free radicals? Free radicals are unstable molecules with highly reactive ions. They are essential for some bodily processes and, in typical amounts, are balanced by antioxidants produced by the body itself. However, free radicals are also produced by external factors related to lifestyle and the environment. Emotional stress, exposure to smoke, alcohol, excessive … Continue reading “Açaí: an antioxidant-rich superfruit from the Amazon”

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Tonka beans (cumaru) harvested from local communities in the Amazon

 Almazonia      Apr-02-17       Front Page Products

Cumaru (tonka beans) are dark and wrinkled seeds of the dipteryx odorata, a flowering tree native to South America. Tonka beans are one of the most common ingredients in perfumery. The beans can also be found in several other products like soaps and tobacco where it is used to improve aroma. We buy our cumaru (tonka beans) directly from small local communities that generates an important income for rural families.

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Açaí ain´t açaí: dry matter of açaí

 Almazonia      Mar-05-17       AcaiFront Page Products
depulping acai

The process of removing the flesh of the fruit from the pit will have a big influence on the purity and quality of the açaí. An açaí bowl with a high quality of açaí pulp can contain up to twice as much açaí relative to a bowl with lesser quality.

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Importing açaí powder (organic) from Brazil

 Almazonia      Feb-22-17       Acai

We are an import & export company in Brazil specialized in exporting (organic) products from the Amazon rainforest like (organic) açaí powder. We buy all our products directly from the producers, often small to medium-sized companies that offer great products against fair values.

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