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Importing açaí from Almazonia

Almazonia is the combination of the Portuguese words “Alma” (Soul) and “Amazônia” (Amazon). And it is all about that. Realizing that we are deeply connected with everything and everyone around us. The company is located in Abaetetuba, in the state of Pará. Almazonia buys açaí and other fruits directly from small-scale farmers in the Amazon region, without unnecessary middlemen. Importing açaí, straight from nature richest source; Amazonia as we aim to preserve the standing forest and thrive its biodiversity.

  • Our açaí is organic certified.
  • We ensure full traceability as we trade directly with the native families.
  • We own every step from the purchase of the freshly harvested açaí berries to the processing and hence guarantee the preservation of its taste and its nutritional benefits.
  • For European customers we offer our consolidated services of importing açaí directly from Brazil. Buying açaí at substantial lower prices with smart logistics, combining orders of different clients into one container. We handle all custom procedures, import duties and internal logistics within Europe. Importing your açaí from Brazil delivered at your door anywhere in Europe all custom cleared. As from 250 kilos.
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Harvest period açaí

The açaí season runs from August to November in the Abaetetuba region, where we buy most of our açaí. This açaí is known for its deep purple color.
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Importing our açaí

Our açaí puree does not come from plantations but is harvested from the wild by ribeirinhos. These indigenous people live on the banks of the Amazon Basin.
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Processing berries

After collecting the açaí berries, Almazonia takes care of the processing. The berries cannot be exposed directly to the sun because they spoil very quickly.

Açaí formats available importing açaí

  • 12% (medium) frozen puree in 60 x 100 gr boxes.
  • 14% (premium) frozen puree in 60 x 100 gr boxes.
  • In 5 kilo packaging and 180 kilo drums.
  • 14% (premium) frozen puree in handy 8 mm cube format (only in Europe).

The cubes (IQF) are unique and enables easy dosing with fast and clean processing. You can easily add the unique taste, color and healthy nutritional values of açaí to other bowls, juices and dishes.

Packaging and product customization

  • We provide both transparent and private label packaging.
  • We provide tailor made taste profiles.

We also cultivate our own açaí

Almazonia invests in agroforestry. We purchased land in Amazonia where, in addition to certified organic açaí berries, we also cultivate other types of organic fruit such as pitaya, cocoa, acerola, cupuaçu and soursop. So in addition to buying açaí from local communities, part of the harvest comes from our own land. Agroforestry not only promotes biodiversity but also creates new economic opportunities in addition to socio-economic benefits.

Our land is located about 2 hours outside the capital of Pará, Belém, at the mouth of the Amazon River and covers an area of 17.5 hectares.

We let you focus on your business as we offer you a complete solution

Almazonia works directly with the native communities on a daily base. By sharing our media files we can help you craft a story that is human and real. Please contact us and find out how we can support you with stories, images and other materials to help grow your brand.

Importing açaí directly from Brazil

Do you have an açaí or smoothy bar and interested in discovering how much you can save by importing açaí directly from Brazil? Contact us for more information and to discuss possibilities. We also offer a wide range of other fruit purees.

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