What is Almazonia?

We are a company that grows, sources, collects, processes and sells premium Amazonia wild produce. We collect directly from native families to ensure fair pay and ensure the protection of the standing-up forest.

What products do you offer?

Together with the native families, we are commercializing all the wild produce growing in their land. This will help to diversity and grow the families’ income and hence diminish the need to cut the forest.

What does wild means?

It means we are not sourcing our products from, often mono-crop, man-made plantations. The products we source are growing in their natural ecosystem. We believe this results in the best quality as the fine balance of flora and fauna generates the perfect growth conditions, minimizes risk on diseases and diminish the need for pesticides.

Where do you source?

Our company is based amongst the native communities in the Pará region. It is known as the floodplains: one of the most nutritious as well as endangered areas of Amazonia due to de-forestation. 

What is the difference between a farmer and a grower?

A farmer is managing a man-made plantation that often is designed to have maximum yield with a focus on mono-crop cultivation. Loss of biodiversity and soil erosion are the most likely victims. Growers are owners of land with the aim to protect its biodiversity and make a living from the diverse natural produce that is growing on their land.

What is a rainforest economy?

Almazonia is aimed to protect the standing forest. By working close with the native communities, we are commercializing a range of wild products: acai, cocoa, tonka beans and acerola. This diversification and hence growth of their income, diminish the needs to cause damage to the standing forest.

How do you ensure high quality?

This is essential for us and from tree to your doorstep we control every step with our team of experts. First we ensure that native communities are well informed about when is the right moment to harvest. Once we have collected the ripe fruits, our own team of experts control the processing. At the acai factories. For the wet cocoa pods, we have our own fermentation and drying center. Us controlling the process is key. It enables us to offer premium quality that is consistent and scaleable. Our role is also essential because the large number of small land owners do not have the knowledge and infrastructure to control this. Due to the high quality we offer, we are also able to pay the growers a premium price.

Do you have products available during the whole year?

The products we offer are natural products so we are dependent on harvest seasons. To ensure we are solid business partners we aim to have sufficient supply for most of our products. A lot depends on accuracy of demand. The better we are able to confirm your upcoming needs, the better we are able to ensure availability.

Do you process the products yourself?

Yes. The large amount of small land growers do not have the resources, knowledge and infrastructure to ensure high quality. Our processing capability at Almazonia is what makes us unique. It allows us to be fully transparant. It also gives as the expert knowledge that enables us to service your tailored needs in quality, taste and required format.

Are your products organic?

All products are wild products. By nature this means they are organic as no pesticides are used. Nature is in control. Almazonia is organic certified.

Where can I buy your products?

We deliver all over the world. Either directly from Brazil or Rotterdam. In Europe we are also expanding our services by having small warehouses and logistics set up in key cities.

Can I get my product personalized?

Because we own the full process we are able to customize on flavour, format and private label packaging.

How can I request samples?

You can fill in the form on our website. After you have send your info we will contact you and discuss the details of how much you need, where.

Why do I need to pay for a sample?

We mutually invest in a relationship, we hope will last long. We will not charge you for the samples. We like you to pay for the logistic expenses. We need to transport it on dry ice to keep it at -18˚C and there are costs linked to the flight as well as the delivery to your doorstep.