Wild cocoa beans from Amazonia

Wild cocoa from Amazonia

Traceable, wild cocoa beans from Amazonia

When we talk about wild cocoa from the floodplains in Pará, Brazil, Almazonia offers you a beautiful story. Namely that of an adventure in which we, together with the native communities, develop an infrastructure that allows us to delight the world with native, wild cocoa beans from the Brazil rainforest. And it is not just the fine flavour and the growth of income for the Amazon communities which makes it special. Investing in our wild cocoa also means that you help us protecting the living rainforest against de-forestation.

We eliminate compromise

To be able to offer a consistent, fine cocoa beans quality, Almazonia is buying the hand-picked, harvested cocoa pods from the growers. After a careful quality selection, the post-harvest process starts immediately. With the wild cocoa growing in the floodplains, our teams are starting pod fermentation as they transport the cocoa per boat to our hub in Abaetetuba. This can take 1 or 2 days. Pod fermentation is important for two reasons. First it ensures that the cocoa quality is protected during travel by boat on the river, and not ruined because of contamination with river water. Secondly, this technique helps us to reduce the acidity levels present.

Almazonia has invested in the creation of a central post-harvesting hub with expert team. With close collaboration we get the best of both worlds: fine wild cocoa beans consistent in flavour and reliable in availability for chocolate makers across the world.

Our wild Amazonia wonders – pure and personal

With yield per Ha lower then plantation-grown cocoa, wild cocoa remains rare. However, by working together and by centralizing post-harvesting and logistics, Almazonia is able to offer wild cocoa beans at a competitive fine cocoa price.

By keeping trade agreements transparent we are creating a collaborative work culture that’s kinder. We are working small and thinking big, to give our wild cocoa beans from the Amazonia floodplains the personal touch, and global potential.

Choose for wild cocoa and help us protect the bio-diverse beauty of the Amazon rainforest

By choosing wild cocoa beans from Almazonia, you help us protect a unique culture. And we can support you with amazing stories from amazing places and people. With our people daily present in the rainforest and working directly with the native families, we will be happy to share you our stories and materials. Hence helping you to craft a campaign that is relevant, authentic and bespoke. 

Wild cocoa beans from Almazonia

  • Taste wild cocoa beans in its purest from Amazonia. Wild cocoa harvested, not from man-made plantations, but straight from nature richest source; Amazonia.
  • We source with the aim to maintain the standing forest and to protect the biodiversity.
  • We work directly with the native families to ensure premium payment and full traceability of our cocoa.
  • We control the fermentation, drying and logistics to ensure optimal flavour creation and protection.
  • We control every step from tree to warehouse in Amsterdam to offer you reliable, fine dried cocoa beans.

Please contact us for more information about our wild cocoa beans or samples

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