Importing açaí

importing acai

Importing açaí in its purest from Amazonia

  • Importing wild açaí, straight from nature richest source; Amazonia as we aim to preserve the standing forest and thrive its biodiversity.
  • Our açaí is organic certified.
  • We ensure full traceability as we trade directly with the native families.
  • We own every step from the freshly harvested açaí berries to the warehouse and hence guarantee the preservation of its taste and its nutritional benefits.
  • For European customers we offer our consolidated services of importing açaí direct from Brazil. Importing açaí at substantial lower prices with smart logistics, combining orders of different clients into one container. We handle all custom procedures, import duties and internal logistics within Europe.

Açaí formats available

  • 12% (medium) frozen puree in 60 x 100 gr boxes.
  • 14% (premium) frozen puree in 60 x 100 gr boxes.
  • 14% (premium) frozen puree in handy 8 mm cube format (only in Europe).

Packaging and product customization

  • We provide both transparent and private label packaging.
  • We provide tailor made taste profiles. 

We let you focus on your business as we offer you a complete solution

Almazonia works directly with the native communities on a daily base. By sharing our media files we can help you craft a story that is human and real. Please contact us and find out how we can support you with stories, images and other materials to help grow your image and selling story of your brand.

importing acai

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