How good for your health is the Açaí Berry?

Health benefits of the açaí berry

The Açaí Berry from the Amazon has become famous and appreciated all over the world for its unique taste and nutritious qualities. Especially among sports loving people and athletes. But really, how good is the Açaí Berry for your health and what are the exact health benefits?

To answer this question, we can divide the benefits from the berry into two categories: The nutritional and energetic aspects of the fruit on the one hand, and its potential medicinal properties on the other.

Nutritional benefits of the açaí berry

The Açai Berry began taking over the world because of its high-quality caloric energy contents, first becoming a trend among Jiu-Jitsu fighters and soon spreading out and into the good grace of practitioners of all other indoor, outdoor and radical sports. The amount of calories in the plain berries is comparable to that of a more famous tropical fruit, the banana. It will not put weight under your belt so long as you watch what you have your Açaí with. The fruit alone will provide 65 kcal per 100 g, (but this number can go as high as 250 kcal depending on the add-ons, like syrups, granolas, and other fruits). All accompanied by a plethora of other minerals, vitamins, proteins, healthy fats and fatty acids, making this one of the most nutritious fruits in the Amazon rainforest. So, as more people begin looking for more natural and healthier sources of nutrition and for new and exotic flavors, more and more the Açaí Berry finds its place in the diets of people all over the world. But the nutritional aspect is not all. Some of its properties are actively beneficial to your health.

Health benefits of the açaí berry

Let's begin with its fat contents, most of which are of the mono and polyunsaturated forms. These are the good lipids, the ones that will help your body get rid of the bad, heart disease causing, LDL cholesterol.

Then, there's its most famous medicinal property: The ability to help fight excess free radicals in your system. This is the so-called Antioxidant Property. Free radical chemistry is one of today's busiest fields of medical and biochemical research. It is intimately related to the aging process and to other degenerative diseases, even some cancers as the latest studies point to. Recent research also shows that the Açaí Berry can be an excellent nutritional option for cancer patients in between chemotherapy sessions, bringing good quality protein and energy along with the antioxidants!

Some of the antioxidant substances found in the fruit are flavonoids, terpenes, tannins, vitamins A, C, and E. Anthocyanins, which are the substances that give the fruit its deep purple pigmentation, can improve the ability of an enzyme called sirtuin-6 to stop cells from becoming cancerous. These anthocyanins have also inhibited the growth of some intestine cancer cells, according to other studies; Grapes can also be a good source of this pigment, but it is not nearly as rich as the palm-berries are in other nutrients, energy, and antioxidants!

All in all, the Açai berries have been reported beneficial for many conditions like arthritis, cancer, obesity, and high cholesterol, as well as any other disease related to the damage caused by free radicals in your body.

There's yet another health benefit from the fruit: It is a rainforest friendly crop, which helps improve the lives of the jungle people while preserving the biodiversity of the forest. And that is essential for the good health of all of us on this planet!

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