Buying açaí from Almazonia: direct trade

Duurzame, traceerbare wilde açaí kopen

Buying açaí from Almazonia: direct trade

Almazonia is a small company with a big ambition - to install a "living-forest" economy. We work directly with the indigenous people and help them to commercialize everything that grows wild on their land, such as açaí, tonka beans and cocoa beans. We also buy the açaí directly from the local communities. With this we diversify and increase their income and with it the need to protect the living rainforest.

Because we buy the açaí directly from the indigenous people and because we manage the entire process from harvest to manufacturing to transport, we guarantee premium quality for our açaí.

And we do more. We do not only work with the local families and small businesses in Pará, Brazil. Part of our profit is directly invested in buying up deforested rainforest areas. On this we grow back the rainforest with the replanting of Amazon-unique trees and plants such as acerola, camu camu, açaí, cupuaçu and soursop (graviola).

Açaí puree variants

We offer açaí in two varieties:

  • Açaí puree in 100 gram bags, packed in 6 KG boxes for food services (b-to-b).
  • Açaí puree cut into 8 mm cubes. These are packed in 1 kg bags for retail.

The cubes are unique and make making açaí bowls and açaí smoothies much easier and faster. It also offers a lot of flexibility because you can easily add the unique taste, color and healthy nutritional values ​​of açaí to other bowls, juices and dishes.

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Advantages of buying açaí from Almazonia

  • We buy açaí directly from indigenous families and our açaí puree is therefore fully traceable.
  • Our açaí is certified organic.
  • We manage the entire process from palm tree to pulp and guarantee the preservation of taste and nutritional values.
  • We invest directly in agroforestry by replanting purchased deforested land in the Amazon region.
  • We help to improve the living conditions of the indigenous people.

If you have an açaí bar or juice bar, please contact us for a quote.

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