Wild açaí from Amazonia

Taste wild organic certified açaí in its purest from Amazonia

  • We source wild açaí, straight from nature richest source; Amazonia as we aim to preserve the standing forest and thrive its biodiversity.
  • Our açaí is organic certified.
  • We ensure full traceability and fair trade as we work directly with the native families.
  • We own every step from the freshly harvested açaí berries to the warehouse and hence guarantee the preservation of its taste and its nutriotional benefits.

Açaí formats available

  • 12% (medium) frozen pulp in 60 x 100 gr boxes.
  • 14% (premium) frozen pulp in 60 x 100 gr boxes.
  • 16% (ultra-premium) frozen pulp in 60 x 100 gr boxes.

Packaging and product customization

  • We provide both transparent and private label packaging.
  • We provide tailor made taste profiles.

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Traceable, wild açaí from Amazonia

When we talk about wild açaí from the Amazon, Almazonia offers you the grand cru of açaí. While we source, we are taking care of the Amazon standing up forest, valuing the importance of its population as the main protection agent of its richness. We intend to keep the açaí as wild as it is.

We eliminate compromise

To be able to offer a reliable, premium quality, Almazonia owns every step from collecting the freshly harvested açaí berries up to warehousing. We are processing the berries within 24 hours after harvesting and transform it into premium frozen pulp.

A good taste, a good story

With sustainability topping our priority list, we’ve put our harvests in the safe hands of the people who have been one with the natural Amazonia ecosystem for generations. We source our native açaí in Pará, at Abaetetuba and Cameta, which are part of the very productive yet endangered floodplains that represents 4% of Amazonia.

We are in business to thrive biodiversity

It is our mission to diminish and eradicate de-forestation in the Amazonia. To protect its people, its culture, its biodiversity. By creating a rainforest economy, we will empower, train and help native families to protect and grow their culture as they have always did and how we believe it should always be.

Our wild acai – pure and personal

By keeping trade agreements transparent and ensuring a premium pay, we are creating a collaborative work culture that’s kinder. We are working small and thinking big, to give our wild açaí from the Amazonia floodplains the personal touch, and global potential.