Açaí Marajó – premium açai creams

Açaí Marajó - o mais forte do Brasil

The açaí market grows every day in Brazil and the world. Aiming to meet the needs of this market segment, Açaí Marajó added the experience of more than 20 years in the segment of ice cream and created this high premium açaí cream with 0% cholesterol.

banner-acai-marajoThrough the innovative system of ultra-freezing of the açaí pulp, the process of turning the açaí berry into pulp and the freezing itself is completed in 18 minutes. A process that normally takes up to 20 to 30 hours. This greatly improves both the taste of the açaí and maintaining the natural properties of the açaí. With their own factory and harvesting points in Pará, that is the root of the extraction of the best açaí, the company has been active since 2015 in the market and many customers already opted to add the products of Açaí Marajó to their portfolio due to the great taste and high quality.

Product line

Açaí Marajó offers the following sorvetes:

  • Açaí with guaraná and granola
  • Açaí with guaraná
  • Açaí with banana
  • Açaí with strawberry
  • Cupuaçu

All products are available in the following packaging: 200 gr, 500ml, 2 liters, 3,6 liters, 7 liters and 10 liters.

Private label possible.

Adding Açaí Marajó to your product portfolio

Interested in adding the products of Açaí Marajó to your product portfolio? Please contact us to discuss possibilities and for sending samples.

For more info about our portfolio of superfruits from Brazil, please click here.

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All our açaí berries are harvested from the wild

importing acai from Brazil

acai marajo - acai & guarana 3.6 liters
acai marajo - acai & guarana & granola - 200 ml
acai marajo - acai & guarana & granola - 200 ml
acai marajo sovete
Açaí Marajó – premium açai creams
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