Importing açaí powder (organic) from Brazil

Importing açaí powder (organic)

We are an import & export company in Brazil specialized in exporting (organic) products from the Amazon rainforest like (organic) açaí powder. We buy all our products directly from the source without intermediaries / brokers in between. Importing açaí powder (organic) directly from Brazil against very competitive rates. Also smaller shipments. Private label possible.

Açaí berries perish very fast – within 24 hours – and once the berries are harvested, the nutrition begins to degrade. To maintain the açaí’s bio-activity and antioxidant benefits efficient and careful processing are essential. This is why the method of açaí format and the supplier matters.

Our freeze-dried organic açaí powder:

  • Is internationally recognized for its superior quality and nutritional profile;
  • Delivers superb ORAC, with maximum conservation of açaí’s bio-active components;
  • Is organic certified;

Freeze-dried versus spray-dried açaí powder

There are two different methods to turn the açaí berry into powder: freeze-drying and spray-drying. With spray-drying high temperatures are used and results in a loss of natural properties of the açaí including the taste and the color. With freeze drying the temperature stays low during the whole process that guarantees that all the nutrients in the açaí will stay intact and that the açaí maintains its original taste.

We use freeze-drying for all our organic açaí powder.

Our sourcing services

Establishing long-term relationship with our suppliers is an essential part of our business. We create partnerships where we give our producers the opportunity to expand and meet new buyers. Often medium-sized companies with a proven track-record that are looking for overseas opportunities but often lack the capital base and experience to maintain their own export and marketing structure. We use no intermediaries and buy our products directly at the source.

Interested in importing açaí powder (organic) directly from Brazil? We only export the highest quality of freeze-dried organic açaí powder against very competitive prices. Please contact us for more info.


8 thoughts on “Importing açaí powder (organic) from Brazil”

  1. We are interested in getting quote for açaí powder. We want to package capsules and individual powder sizes. We are in Panama.
    Quality will be between 50 kg to 500 kg.

  2. We are a health and wellness dietary supplement company in Kentucky, USA. We are currently purchasing ACAI Berry Freeze Dried Powder from US supplier at bulk pricing but our volume has grown in the past few months and are now looking to purchase direct from Brazilian suppliers. Please advise on your pricing and volumes.

  3. We are interesting to import Açai powder to turkey. Can you send me list prices all included to turkey please? In the beginning we will try it in the turkey market.

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