Importing açaí from Brazil

Importing organic açaí pulp from Brazil

We source our organic certified açaí directly from local communities in the Amazon without any middlemen & brokers. Almazonia is a one-stop solution for importing açaí and other organic (super)fruits from the Amazon like cupuaçu, acerola, mango and passion fruit.

importing acai
The filling of a 40ft reefer container with açaí. In a 40ft reefer container fits 24,480 kg. A 20ft reefer container offers space for 12,240 kg of açaí. Most açái is exported from the port of Vila do Conde near the city of Belém at the mouth of the Amazon river.

Importing açaí directly from Brazil leads to substantial cost savings. We offer both in transparent and private label packaging:

  • Organic 12% dry rate pure açaí (no citric acid) in 100 grams and 1 kg packaging.
  • Organic 14% dry rate pure açaí (no citric acid) in 100 grams and 1 kg packaging.
  • Organic 16% dry rate pure açaí (with citric acid) in 60 kg and 180 kg drums (only during harvest season).
  • Açaí cream (0% cholesterol) with guaraná, banana or strawberry.
  • Cupuaçu cream (0% cholesterol).
  • Pitaya (dragon fruit) cream.
  • Other superfruits like cupuaçu, acerola and graviola.
  • 100% pure organic açaí  powder (freeze-dried).
  • Other organic fruits from Brazil like mango, passion fruit and pineapple.

Our -30 degrees Celsius warehouse is located about one hour from the international airport of Guarulhos.

For our clients in Europe we offer our consolidated açaí import services. By combining the order of different clients into one container we offer açaí bars and other retailers the opportunity to import açaí directly form Brazil at substantial lower prices. We handle all custom procedures, import duties and internal logistics within Europe. Interested? Please contact us for a quote and discover how much you can save.

We provide private label services whereby we handle all (legal) requirements including the registration at the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA).

Importing açaí from Brazil

depulping acai
Because the açaí berry spoils very quickly immediately after harvest the açaí berry is deeply frozen. However, before the açaí can be frozen, the pits should be removed.

Shipping fresh and frozen products like açaí around the world is a highly specialized and delicate task. The açaí needs to stay deep frozen at -18 degrees Celsius during the whole logistical chain. All our logistical partners have earned their reputation as experienced perishable goods forwarders. Before exporting our organic açaí, we test the quality of each lot at an accredited laboratory to screen for microbes, yeast, mold, agro-toxins and pesticides.

Depending on the quantity we export the (frozen) açaí pulp by sea or air freight.

Exporting açaí by reefer  container

Most of the açaí pulp factories are located in Castanhal / Belém and the closest seaport is Vila do Conde. For ocean freight we use 20 / 40 ft Reefer containers that maintains a temperature of -18 Celsius degrees.

Exporting açaí by air

Smaller shipments / samples of açaí are exported by air freight. We have access to a -30 degrees Celsius warehouse near the international airport of Guarulhos from where we where we dispatch our samples / smaller shipments. To keep the açaí frozen during air freight we use dry ice in EPS boxes. This ensures that the açaí will stay frozen for up to 3 days.

Why use our sourcing services

Except offering very competitive pricing for all our açaí products, quality control is always our foremost priority. We follow our products from beginning to end, ensuring that our customers receive the world’s finest açaí-based products. Almazonia´s buying power produces cost savings, streamlines processes and ensures quality.

Except açaí we also export other organic fruits like cupuaçu, acerola, mango and passion fruit. Almazonia is a one-stop solution for importing açaí and other organic (super)fruits from the Amazon.

For more info or interested in receiving samples, click here.


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26 thoughts on “Importing açaí from Brazil”

  1. Hi My name is Nicole i would like to
    Import acai to Ireland Dublin how much is it for one tonne of acai I would like to do my own brand name ? Also can you tell me how much it is to ship the acai to Ireland also thanks

    1. Good NIcole, how are you?

      Do you already know Tribe Açai?

      Tribe Açai has developed a ready-made product of Açai, gluten-free, lactose-free, liquid, without additives and without preservatives for soft ice cream machines. The product when closed, stays in room temperature.

      Have a look at our attached presentation.

      If you want to know the product and our concept, check with us to do the product tasting.

  2. Hello, my name is marine and i plan to import acaï to New Caledonia (south pacific)…
    Do you think it s possible to ship to New Cal ?
    Could you also please let me know how much dry acaï you need to do 1 000ml ice cream ? it will help me to know how much i need ;o)
    Thank you for your help,


    contact :

  3. Hello,
    I would like to get in touch with you regarding the shipment of Acai pulp to France and the transformation either in Brazil or in France I don’t know yet.
    How do I get in touch with you?
    Many thanks

  4. Hello, i would like to know if Cape Verde would be a place that i can get acai imported to and how log it would take?

    1. Hello Petra,
      Thank you for contacting us. A new container just arrived in Rotterdam and we have still 2.000 kilos of açaí pulp left (14% – organic) that we can send over.

  5. hello i would like to import Acai berry (freeze dried powder) to Thailand as i want to do my own brand. how can i contact you and get more infomation ?

  6. What do you mean by 14%,16%? Is it the pulp weight before mixing it with water? I am from the Amazon region but live in the US, therefore I know açaí really well. It seems like we are not buying straight from the producers either – you are the middle man. The ribeirinhos could not afford your facilities, deep freezers and do not speak/write English that well.

    1. Whether he/she is a middleman what difference does it make and what has the level of English got to do with this service that is being offered? Most importantly, do you want to order Acai or not? If not, there is/was no need for your comment!

  7. Olá meu nome é Maycon Fraga e gostaria de saber o valor da polpa de 1 kilo. Estou na Inglaterra . E TV saber qual charopw de guaraná vc tem e preços por favor. Qual é a menor quantidade que posso pedir também. Obrigado

  8. Are you still Operating, I am interested in importing some Acai to Honduras.
    Eu morei dos anos la e quero fazer um stand de acai aqui.

  9. Bom dia, estou abrindo lojas no Canada/Toronto, de açai, gostaria de saber seu preços do açai organico e se voce tem copinhos para o varejo

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