Direct trade

We source our açaí directly from local communities in Amazonia.

Frozen organic premium wild açaí puree

  • Enjoy the pure taste of our unsweetened, wild açaí puree.
  • Organic certified.
  • Private label services.
  • Tailor-made taste profiles.
  •  Door-to-door service in Europe (as from 250 kilos).
  • Also in handy 8 mm cube format (only in Europe). The innovative cube format enables easy dosing with fast and clean processing.
  • Direct trade with local communities.
  • We also supply other (organic) fruits like pitaya, acerola, mango, passion fruit, cupuaçu, cacau, soursop and many other fruits.

As from 250 kilos for European clients – door to door delivery & custom cleared


Almazonia invests in agroforestry. We have purchased our own land in Amazonia where, in addition to açaí, we also cultivate other fruits such as pitaya, acerola, passion fruit and banana. Agroforestry not only promotes biodiversity but also creates new economic opportunities in addition to socio-economic benefits.

Our fruits are organic certified.

Organic certified pitaya

organic pitaya
  • Experience the pure flavor of our pitaya.
  • Our pitaya is certified organic.
  • Also available in pulp.
  • We also supply other (organic) fruits such as acerola, cupuaçu, cocoa and soursop.

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